As a part of today's update, our system will automatically detect any stream above 800kbps.

Today we have applied a bandwidth limiter on our RTMP origins, in order to prevent publishers to exceed 500kbps. This measure has been taken to maintain our servers healthy, as we can't afford to do high quality streams.

What happens if I publish a stream over 800kbps?

If your stream get caught exceeding our bandwidth limit, it will get flagged for a 2 minutes cooldown. During that period you won't be able to publish the feed. You may want to take this 2 minutes to think about the quality you'll choose next time

Ok, I got it, the cooldown period expired, what now?

When this cooldown expires, your channel will still be flagged, but you'll be able to publish a stream below or equal to 800kbps.

And if my stream exceeds the limit again?

If you exceed the bandwidth limit again on a flagged channel, the stream will be permanently deleted from our database.

How do I find out if my stream has been banned or flagged?

You'll be able to check if any of your streams get flagged or banned because of a bandwidth exceed at your user panel.

Is there a grace period for this transition?

Yes, we thought about you and just for today and tomorrow as a grace period If you exceed the bandwidth, your channels will be flagged but not banned. Remember that in 48 hours the limiter will be fully applied.

Questions, suggestions, requests?

Contact us via Skype.